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If you’re looking for home inspections in the Deerfield Beach, FL area, ESW Home Inspections, LLC is the only name you can rely on. We take a deep dive into the state of your property whether you’re looking to buy or sell. No matter which side of the fence you’re on, everybody stands to benefit if everything about the property is out in the open.

Our home inspection company is outstanding. We take a look at dozens of homes every month and thanks to our experience, we know exactly where to look in order to make sure that there are no nasty surprises such as mold. We offer a great deal in roof inspections because you deserve nothing less. Making sure that the roof is in great condition is very important. We also offer a 90 day warranty on all non discounted home inspections.

What does the home inspector inspect during a home inspection?

There are main areas checked in a professional home inspection to make sure your home is good to go, move-in ready and won't cost you a lot of out-of-pocket money.

The interior of the home

The home inspector inspects a representative number of doors and windows by opening and closing them. We also inspect your floors, walls, and ceilings for any evidence of mold or damage. Other areas of observation include home stairs, steps, landings, stairways, and ramps for proper function and trip hazards. Another point of inspection includes the garage door of the home, to make sure it opens and closes properly. Lastly, appliances are inspected for functionality. This consists of refrigerators, dishwashers, stoves, microwaves, and more.

The Exterior of the home

Points of interest include:

if_home_house_62874Wall-covering material
if_home_house_62874Trim and flashing
if_home_house_62874Walkways and driveways
if_home_house_62874Stairways and ramp-porches
if_home_house_62874Balconies and carports

if_home_house_62874Guards and handrails
if_home_house_62874Soffits and fascia
if_home_house_62874Windows and vegetation
if_home_house_62874Surface drainage
if_home_house_62874Retaining walls
if_home_house_62874Grading of the property

The Roof and Why We Check It

The roof is the most important concern for most home buyers because they are expensive and only last so long. A permit check will be completed to find out when the roof was installed. The inspector will then get on the roof, if it is safe to do so, and to check for any missing or broken tiles. We will also go into the attic to check for leaks. The inspection process will also check the insulation of the home, attic vents, and the air condition ducts as well. The home inspector will explain the life expectancy of the roofs as well.

Let talk about the attic and why it's important.

The home inspector checks the attic ventilation and insulation. It's important to have proper insulation in your home, which helps to insulate the home and keep your AC bills more affordable.

The Electrical System of the Home

Safety is key when talking about a home's electrical system. Over the years, upgrades have been made to the home electrical systems. Old wiring, such as knob & tube wiring, as well as aluminum wiring, have been mostly switched to copper. Old fuse boxes have been replaced by breakers, which can now include GFCI and AFCI breakers, which help to minimize shocks and fires. It is also important that your inspector removes the cover of the electrical panel to inspect the inside wires. The inspector also reports on things such as older panels that are no longer compliant such as Federal Pacific, Zinsco, Split Bus Panels or Fuse box, which are not safe or could cost you more money on your homeowner's insurance.

The HVAC or Air Conditioning System

Most houses in South Florida have central air conditioning because of the climate. It is important to properly maintain the AC system to get many years of life out of them. The home inspector will check the AC system for function as well as look for any issues that the AC system may have. The inspector will also check the data plate to give you an idea of the age of the system and give you an idea of the average life expectancy of the system.

The Hot Water System

Imagine taking a shower, a hot bath, or washing your dishes with cold water. The inspector checks the system to make sure it is working properly. Most hot water tanks are electric, which now also include tankless water heaters. The home inspector checks the system for obvious signs of leaks, the data plate for the age, as well as checking the temperature on the system.

The Home's Plumbing System

The home inspector reports on the type of plumbing in the home such as clay, lead, galvanized iron, CPVC, Polybutylene, HDPE Polyethelene, PVC and PEX. The system is checked for proper installation and any obvious signs of leaks. your specialist is also knowledgeable on identifying polybutylene pipes which were installed in 1970's until the middle of 1990's and is known for having a high failure rate.

The Home's Foundation

We check the home's foundation for things such as moisture, which can sometimes turn into mold. Homes also sometimes have cracks, which can be from the house settling or from items that may have damaged the foundation during a storm. It is important for a thorough home inspection to report on these items.

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