Pre-Listing Inspections

One of the most important aspects to consider before you list your home for sale is having a pre-listing inspection done. Beyond ensuring that there are no surprises about the home in the sale stage, it's also been proven that such inspections allow insight to what repairs may be needed. When homes have needed repairs done, they are typically listed at a much higher price.

Our property inspection services can give a prospective seller a good overview of what needs to be done to have a good market price on the home. Our certified home inspections are top-notch and hits on all the most important aspects of what keeps a house structurally sound and high-valued in the market. This includes foundation, electrical, and structural roofing inspection needs. By handling such inspections, you guarantee no liabilities on your part and you are aware of any factors that may devalue your home or be used as a bargaining platform if buyers identify such needed repairs.

When it comes to home purchase inspection services that you need in the Deerfield Beach, FL area, ESW Home Inspections, LLC is prepared to assist you with our experience. Contact us at (954) 895-8741 today for more information! We offer our services to the general South Florida area.